Content Team

Lauren Zacharias


Hi there! My name is Lauren (she/her) and I’m a grade 12 student. I am super passionate about music and history, and I’m usually either listening to the clash, anything riot grrrl, or the talking heads! I spend most of my time practicing my instruments, composing music, rewatching the outsiders and rocky horror, and reading about history. I am also incredibly passionate about intersectional feminism and being an advocate for social justice. I always aim to educate myself and others about important issues, and I am very excited to be able to do that alongside the JFS team!

Reese Estwick


Hello! My name is Reese Estwick (she/her), and I am in the third year of my Joint-Honours Degree in Political Science and Indigenous Studies at the University of Winnipeg. My passion for political engagement, especially within youth; and social justice extends beyond my education. I have been a passionate advocate for many years, but most of all, I have been a listener, as I believe storytelling, education, and connections are the keys to building a global community and developing equitable systems and institutions. Additionally, I have a passion for journalism, as it allows me to empower myself and others. I am thrilled to be joining such an amazing team of youth to continue educating and empowering people globally in the fight for equity!

Jordan Le Roux


Hello! My name is Jordan and I’m a student in the GTA. I’m planning on a career in law or archival work in the future, and I joined JFS as a journalist because of my passion for writing and making discussions around social issues more accessible and youth-centred. In my free time you can catch me listening to music (specifically Taylor Swift, Joji and a whole lotta 90’s rap), journaling, shopping or petting one of my three pet cats!

Puja Sarkar


Hi! My name is Puja and I am in my third year at BRAC University in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am majoring in English literature and I have grown to enjoy writing over time. More than anything, I love good coffee, cats and reading Neil Gaiman and DC Comics. I am hoping to one day write my own fiction novel.

What keeps me going everyday is knowing that there are so many books to read and that there is so much to write and know about. I feel that living in a postmodern society we often forget to be aware of what goes on around us socially and politically where we somehow internalise the surrounding injustices and violences without even knowing it. The way JFS spreads awareness and knowledge regarding social justice issues is not only substantial and welcoming but JFS itself is a necessary platform for information acquisition. I am glad to be a part of this journey!

Maria Panagopoulos


Hello! My name is Maria. I am a student in Ontario and have joined the JFS team as a Journalist. I am thrilled to share my ideas and voice through writing for JFS; writing has always been my passion, and expressing thoughts and sharing knowledge is extremely important. Being a journalist at JFS allows me to share this passion with more people. Through writing, I have expanded my interest in psychology and politics, which I plan to study further into my future. In my free, I will either be reading, listening to music and podcasts or working out. Sharing knowledge and making learning accessible to more people is key to improving our society; being a journalist for JFS allows more people to share and access knowledge. With this, I am happy to say I am a part of this incredible team!

Trinity Ro


Hi, my name is Trinity Ro and I am currently a Year 12 student studying IB in Hong Kong! In my free time I volunteer at English Playstations and Kids4Kids, which focus on teaching English to primary school kids from local schools. I am also a charity ambassador for Orbis, a medical charity with the aim of preventing global blindness, and Sunshine Action, a charity based in Hong Kong that is known for their work in distributing food to the less fortunate. I was first drawn to Justice For Society as I believed in what they stood for, educating the ignorant and spreading awareness on societal injustices, and am looking forward to contributing as a journalist!

Melody Chan


Hey there! My name is Melody Chan and I am a 19 year old undergraduate at the University of East Anglia. I am from Hong Kong, who resides mostly in the United Kingdom. I love to write about hard-hitting news such as the Black Lives Matter movement, and soft news like veganism and books! Other than writing, I am also a dancer and animal lover, who values both passion and work.

Yoyo Ng


Hey everyone! It’s Yoyo from Hong Kong :) Super grateful to join JPS and become a journalist here. I hope I can inspire you guys to care more about social issues through my writing. Thank you!!!️

Meg Thomas


Hello! My name is Meg: I’m 16 and from the UK. Currently, I’m studying history, politics and sociology. As a writer I think starting open conversations is key to enabling social change.

Being a Journalist at JFS is important to me as it allows me to explore my own interests as well as start crucial discussions amongst my peers. My areas of political interest include class, identity and how political policy affects everyday people. In my spare time, I enjoy reading (the best book is animal farm) and playing bass – rock music is my favourite to learn!

Ahmad Liaqat


My name is Ahmad Liaqat and I’m very excited to be joining the JFS team as a Journalist. I’m the son of Afghan refugees who always looked at the world with an open mind and an open heart, and I hope to emulate that attitude in my work. I would like to think I’m versed in a good amount of social, political, and economic theory but there is still a vast amount of knowledge that I strive to discover, and that I hope we can learn together! Beyond that, my passions are gardening, plant-keeping, and cats (cat supremacy forever!). Az didan-e shoma khoshbakht-am! It was lovely meeting you!

Anna Lim

Editor, Journalist

My name is Anna! I use she/her pronouns, I’m Cambodian-American, and I’m going into senior year. I love baking, reading, and playing the kalimba! My favorite recipes are the browned butter cookies from Bon Appetit and the cinnamon swirl bread from Allrecipes. I love Mitski (especially Be the Cowboy), boba, and everything about Sanrio. I’m super excited to be working with the Justice For Society team, and I hope you enjoy our content!

Chinelo Agwuegbo


Hello! My name is Chinelo and I am a student in central jersey. One of my favorite things to do is write. I love writing poems, fantasy, and realistic fiction. I also love to read a multitude of genres. I am very interested in mental health, psychology, and societal affairs, especially as it pertains to youth. I am passionate about neurology and morality in humans. I also think sociology and human behaviors are particularly interesting. I can't wait to be part of this team to contribute to a great cause!

Angela Lin


Hi! My name is Angela and I am a high school sophomore from Toronto. I have continuously fought for racial injustice, gender equality, the LBGTQ+ community, and other societal issues ever since I was educated on what they were. I hope that through JFS, I can bring awareness to current issues that are impacting society and help to create a better world. In my freetime, you can find me in a library, reading a book or writing a story.

Jaysheen Gill

Video Creator, Journalist

Hi! My name is Jaysheen and I’m a grade 11 student attending Okanagan Mission Secondary school in Kelowna, BC, Canada. I have always had a passion for the sciences, specifically human anatomy and physiology, and am working towards specializing in the field of medicine. While pursuing these passions however, I discovered that I also really love to be creative in the form of digital media, writing, and theatre! All of these activities have helped me to establish my voice as a driven, passionate person that believes that change is possible when an effort is made. That is why I’m so excited to be a member of the JFS team and be able to acquire new skills surrounded by equally as passionate, hard working people

Minh Duong

Outreach Coordinator, Journalist

Hi, my name is Minh (she/her), I’m currently in grade 11 in Walnut Grove Secondary in Langley, BC. You can find me baking or doing math in my free time. Throughout my years of learning English as my second language—which wasn’t enjoyable, I have grown to be fond of writing and to embrace the language as it is, hence my role as a journalist for JFS magazine. As a youth, I learned the importance of being educated about social issues that are affecting the lives of many people. Therefore, I’m particularly excited to be a part of this amazing team full of like-minded people.