Board of Directors

Stacy Zhang

Executive Director, Marketing Director

Hello! My name is Stacy and I am the founder of Justice For Society. I am a grade 12 student from the GTA and I currently attend Unionville High School for its Arts Unionville piano program. I intend on pursuing business and/or law in the future. In my free time, you can catch me partaking in other youth initiatives, jamming to some music, or cuddling with my pet cat.

I started this organization with two primary goals: to bring social issues into light to keep our generation educated and to provide youth with a platform where they can share their experiences in regards to those issues. In today's time, it is more crucial than ever when it comes to staying educated on topics that ever-increasingly affect those around us. On that note, I can't wait to see how far JFS will go and what we will achieve in the coming future!

Maggie Chen

Associate Director, External Affairs Director

Hi! My name is Maggie, I am currently in grade 12 at Unionville High School in Markham, Ontario and a proud member of the Arts Unionville piano program. I plan on pursuing a career in computer science or softwareengineering, but that doesn't diminish my passion for advocating for social justice. In recent years, with the help of educated peers, I have come to be more aware of the privileges that I took for granted in the past and the severity of social issues hidden within society. Henceforth, I firmly believe that the first step to addressing these issues is to make information about them accessible and the voices of those affected by them heard. With social media widening the scope of outreach and availability of knowledge, I believe it’s a duty for me, as a youth who has access to these platforms, to advocate for the better.

Jasmine Leung

Podcast Director

Hi everybody, I'm Jasmine and I'm the Podcast Director on the exec team! As a youngster at 17 residing in Ontario, Canada, political science, psychology and social justice have always been things I've been passionate about. To stay sane, I like to soften up my driven days by conceding to my passion for fashiondressing up in peak-of-personality outfits, albeit perhaps never suitable for the weather. I also like to calm myself down with music, which has lead to me being a part of the AU Piano program at Unionville High. As such, I am committed to being the Podcast Director on the exec team, and look forward to providing you all with easy and accessible content regarding social justice issues.

Jessica Zheng

Creative Director, Graphic Designer

Hey y’all, I’m Jessica and I’m a grade 12 IB student at Father Michael McGivney. I am interested in pursuing STEM but I have a knack for the arts. I’m a musical theatre nerd, who’s way too into superheroes and vintage clothes, and you can catch me vibing to Hozier with my spoiled furry son, Thor. As JFS’s creative director, I’m real excited to be working with such S tier people, and hope to make JFS the best that it can be!

Kelly Ye

Content Director

Hello, I’m Kelly Ye (she/her) from BC! I’m incredibly passionate about writing and activism; hence, I’m beyond thrilled to have the opportunity to spark important conversations about various important, complex social issues. I am always seeking to educate myself and grow as a person, and I’m grateful and hopeful for the future and impact of our organization! In my free time, I enjoy baking, embroidery, and playing/composing piano pieces. Pleased to meet you all!

Sherry Hu

Finance Director

Hello world! I’m Sherry, a grade 12 student from Unionville High School. I value organization, so some of my hobbies include bullet journaling, reading, and expanding my imaginary dystopian society. In the future, I hope to work in biotechnology. I love listening to the thoughts of people who have different worldviews; JFS is a perfect way for me to hear more of these thoughts. Therefore, I am excited to work with JFS to spark discussions on 21st-century social issues. Alongside the team, I hope to encourage open-mindedness and active questioning amongst youth today.