Podcast Guests

Rowena Pinto

Chief Program Officer, UNICEF

Earl Fowlkes Jr.

President/CEO of the Center for Black Equity, Inc.

Jaya Bhumitra

Social Justice Activist, Leadership and Management Coach

Lauren Ornelas

Founder and President of Food Empowerment Project

Nina Zhuang

Music Student at Unionville High School, Marketing Director at Spark Initiative

Saskia Hambali

Chief Operations Officer at Justice For Society

Jaeden Yates

Makeup Artist, Digital Content Creator (@jaes.tumblr), and Dancer

Michelle Liu

Music Student at Unionville High School with a passion for Volunteering, Political Theory, and Activism

Lupe Rodríguez

Scientist, activist, Executive Director of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (Latina Institute)

Stacy Zhang

Intersectional Activist, Founder and Executive Director of Justice For Society

Hina Sabatine

TikTok Content Creator (@k8sabz)

Binaka Norris

Speaker for Diversify Our Narrative, Student at Syracuse University

The A System

Dissociative Identity Disorder System of 29 alters and Digital Content Creator (@theasystem)

Jordan Williams

Instagram and TikTok Content Creator (@jordxn.simone)

Georgie Williams

Founder of the /Queer Project and Professional Gender and Sexuality Consultant

Greg Thompson

Producer and Host of Out Loud: LGBT Stories of Faith

Mike Johnson

Co-host of the Gayish Podcast

Kyle Getz

Co-host of the Gayish Podcast

Kirsten Kelly

Public Affairs Coordinator of the Ontario Student Trustee Association

Maureen O'Shaughnessy

Founder of Education Evolution Podcast and Author

Tchadas Leo

Producer and Host of Our Native Land Podcast

Alice Quannik Glenn

Producer and Host of Coffee and Quaq Podcast

Zelle Lee

Digital Creator of Fragile Myths and UC Berkeley Student

Olivia Miller

Mental Health Advocate

Jessica Bate

Co-host of The Too Much Podcast

Mandy Powell

Co-host of The Too Much Podcast

Cristen Conger

Co-founder of Unladylike Media

Caroline Ervin

Co-founder of Unladylike Media

Lorraine Sanders

Journalist and Founder of the Spirit of 608

Christine Ahanotu

Writer and Travel Blogger

Alex Barker

Young Adult Representative of the NCTSN Steering Committee and Facilitator of NCTSN Youth Task Force

Mike Stroh

Founder and Director of Starts With Me, Therapist, and Public Speaker