Kathy Martinez

President/CEO, Disability Rights Advocates

Jose Viera

Senior Manager of the GDS Secretariat, International Disability Alliance

Marlene Valle

Content Creator and Blogger of Deafinitely Wanderlust, Founder of Mira We Rise

Jessica Lopez

Social Media Manager, Diversability

Vilissa Thompson

Licensed Master Social Worker (LMSW), Founder & CEO of Ramp Your Voice!

Natalie Trevonne-Gross

Actress, Model, Dancer and Fashion & Entertainment Accessibility Consultant

A Reflection On Beauty

Cindy Chen

Avant-Garde Makeup Influencer and Coach

Porsche Cooper

Makeup Artist

Jacqueline Carrington

Founder of People of Color Beauty

Society's Soul: The Arts

Richard Blanco

Poet, Public Speaker, Author, and Civil Engineer


Singer, Songwriter, and Digital Content Creator

Damon Reaves

Head of Education at the National Gallery of Art, Community Advocate, and Studio Artist

Karen Tei Yamashita

Award-Winning Author

Phung Banh

Digital Artist and Illustrator

Ameya Okamoto

Artist and Organizer

Jeff Wrigglesworth

Award-Winning Musician and Head of Music at Unionville High School

Niloufar Barazesh

Music and English Teacher at Unionville High School

Into The Digital Abyss

Anna Lembke

Professor at Stanford University School of Medicine and Chief of the Stanford Addiction Medicine Clinic

Chi Muoi Lo

Former Actor, now Renowned Hollywood Manager, Owner of Black Hawk Entertainment, and CEO of Allen Edelman Management

Joe Toscano

Award-winning Designer, Published Author, and International Keynote Speaker

Jake Karpouzis

Founder and President of the Youth Political Assembly, Student at the University of Toronto

The Cry For Pride

Rob Torado

Communications Manager at The Trevor Project

Bandy Kiki

Entrepreneur and LGBT+ Activist

Tash Thomas

Co-Founder of 'Breaking the Distance', Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

Daina Ruduša

Senior Communications Manager at OutRight Action International

Kevin Al Perez

Co-Founder and President of Somos Familia Valle

Sandeep Nair

Manager of Business Operations at Pride At Work Canada

The Education System Flatline

The Hon. Cliff Cullen

Manitoba Minister of Education

Dr. Conor P. Williams

Fellow at The Century Foundation

Ishika Devgan

Co-Founder of Youth Education Initiative

Larry Beckwith

Founder of Confluence Concerts and Toronto Masque Theatre, Music Educator

Laura Chesnik

Co-host of Education Is A Right Podcast

To The Founders Of Our Native Land

Charitie Ropati

Student Activist and Columbia University Student

Jeffrey Schiffer

Executive Director at the Native Child and Family Services of Toronto

Teresa Edwards

Legal Counsel at the United Nations and Executive Director at the Legacy of Hope Foundation

Nati Garcia

Coordinator of the Indigenous Community Media Youth Fellowship at Cultural Survival

Crystal Martin-Lapenskie

President of the National Inuit Youth Council

Naomi Sayers

Lawyer and Indigenous Feminist

COVID-19, A New Era

Kelly Mi Li

Actress, Entrepreneur, and Film/Television Producer

Dr. Danielle Jones

Obstetrician-Gynecologist and Online Educator

Mark West

UNESCO Education Sector Researcher and Author

Tim Anson

Director of MED International and Communications

Christina Antoniou

Director of Corporate Affairs of Pfizer Canada

Zachary Teitel

Department Head of English and Public High School Teacher

Hannah Yi

Cardiac Nurse and Owner of Nuunchi

Sydney Tam

Emergency and Family Medicine Practitioner, Physician, and Lecturer

Nancy Rhodes

Founder of Alternew and Launcher of the NYC Face Mask Initiative

Michaela McCloud

Social Worker, Artist, and Founder of Misha Vegan

Gender Inequality: The Social Construct

David Garzon

Community Engagement Manager of White Ribbon

Catríona Graham

Policy and Campaigns Officer of the European Women’s Lobby

Christin Wiedemann

Project Chair and Past President of SCWIST

Kate Hawkins

Manager of PR and Online Engagement of the Canadian Women's Foundation

Anthony Keedi

Masculinities Technical Advisor, ABAAD

The High Price of Fast Fashion

Lydia Bolton

Sustainable Fashion Designer

Celia Ojeda-Martínez

Global Project Leader of Greenpeace

Jessica Ra ay

Executive Director of GOEX Apparel

Andrea Reyes

Chair of NYC Fair Trade Coalition, Small Business Owner, and Educator

Gen-Z and Mental Health

Kayla Morgan

Member of the NCTSN Youth Task Force at Northwestern University and Owner of Resilient Roots

Alex Barker

Young Adult Representative of the NCTSN Steering Committee and Facilitator of NCTSN Youth Task Force

Chris Foreman

Liaison for the NCCTS at UCLA and Duke Universities

Kevin So

Peer Supporter at University of Toronto's Peer Support Program

Sumaira Choudhury

Youth Facilitator of YouthSpeak Performance Charity

Anonymous Speaker

High School Teacher and Businessman


Bethelehem Engeda

Director of Marketing of Diversify Our Narrative and Stanford University Student

Nikki Bracy

Advocate for Social Justice

Celina Caesar-Chavannes

Former Canadian Member of Parliament and Author


Founder of Why It's Wrong

Adora Nwofor

Professional Actress, Comedian, Host, Model, and President of BLM YYC