Justice For Society.

Who We Are

Justice For Society is a federally incorporated non-profit, youth-led organization dedicated to educating and raising awareness on social issues, exploring their intersectionalities and effects on society. We aim to amplify unheard voices through our monthly magazine, weekly podcast, and bi-monthly conference.

What We Do

JFS aims to provide a platform and spread awareness about on-going social issues. We do this while allowing individuals to express their personal experiences through a variety of mediums. Our goal is to build a community where youth are able to use their experiences to educate others in order to build a better future.

Our Content

Every issue will focus on a specific social issue within society, featuring works from the community, informative articles written by our journalists, as well as interviews and podcast episodes with figures well-versed in the topic. The overall aim is to provide as much information, perspectives, and spotlight on these issues in hopes of sparking more discussion and creation for change.

Our Latest Issue

Our nineteenth isuse, Inside the Asian Immigrant Legacy, dissects the history behind the diverse heritage and stories of today's Asian immigrants settling in various parts of the world, and what they will leave behind for future generations.

Our Podcast

EPISODE #30: LGBTQ+ and the Healthcare System with Deborah Dunn

Listen to our latest episode featuring Deborah Dunn now!

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