JFS In Perspective

What is JFS In Perspective?

JFS In Perspective is a series of conferences addressing and amplifying societal issues from unheard and unique perspectives, hosted by Justice For Society.

  • Our conferences are held periodically and are both free and virtual to attend.

  • Our conferences will feature panels of speakers who are well-versed on the topic at hand.

  • Gain unique insight on various issues, ask professionals burning questions, and win prizes!

Upcoming Conference: Support Ukraine

JFS is hosting our fourth conference! This conference will bring about relevant and crucial information on the current situation in Ukraine, gathering guests across various perspectives to speak about its sociopolitical and economic impacts on society.

Our conference, “Support Ukraine”, features:

  • Speakers from the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

  • Insightful discussions surrounding an overview, perspectives of the respective parties, its impacts, the root causes, and current economic policies that contribute to this issue

  • Action items and donation resources

  • An audience Q&A session with the guest speakers

Past Conferences

Inside Indigenous Injustice

Conference III

Inside Indigenous Injustice featured a panel of two Indigenous speakers who addressed the roots of issues faced by Indigenous Peoples—specifically historical and economical—and how to aid the community.

Grasping Gender-Based Violence

Conference II

Grasping GBV featured a panel of three specialists in gender-based violence activism, addressed the root causes of this issue, and how students can get involved in preventing it.

Path To Post-Secondary

Conference I

In response to our seventh issue, The Education System Flatline, we are hosting a free and virtual conference, featuring two panels, to address the flaws within the college admissions system and post-secondary education.