Collaborative Projects

The Bright-Eyed

Young people are more than capable of changing our world for the better. In fact, teens everywhere have already started. The Bright-Eyed podcast is dedicated toward empowering teens to make a difference. The host, Daisy Noh, interviews inspiring teens from all over the world to help share their stories and talk about important global issues. With new episodes every Monday and featured minisodes, you'll start your week feeling a little more inspired and empowered to make a change. (Available on Spotify, Apple Podcast, and more!)

About the Collaboration:

The Bright-Eyed and JFS's collaborative podcast episode discusses the harms of performative activism, the role of intersectionality in allyship, and the experience of Stacy Zhang, Founder and Executive Director at JFS, running their JFS and their personal activist platform. They dive into corporations' role in performative activism and its implications, as well as how to impactfully use your voice to enact substantial change. Tune in to the full interview below!

Education is a Right

Education is a Right is a podcast produced by front line education workers to provide a forum for the voice of all those concerned with affirming the human right to education. The show delves into all aspects of education and the working lives of those who provide it and those who rely upon it for their future.

About the Collaboration:

Education is a Right and JFS's collaborative podcast episode aims to empower youth to speak for themselves with it comes to their education and curricula within their communities. In this episode Stacy Zhang, Founder and Executive Director, and Maggie Chen, Associate Director, from JFS were interviewed. We talk about why they started this online youth initiative to provide the youth with their own voice on matters of concern, what they are learning, and how to get involved.